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The Museumpark of Rotterdam will be upgraded with the addition of the new Collectiegebouw from architects MVRDV. In this project, the public space of the park is researched. Within the theme: a positive outdoor space, the Museumpark has been transformed into the Museumplein.

figure ground studies

In my opinion, in the current situation, the museums are not positioned well and they are too far away from each other. The museums would be more united when they are surrounding a square altogether. Based on this idea, figure-ground studies have been carried out in order to create a positive outdoor space. An outdoor space is positive when it has a clear form and when this form is as important as the buildings surrounding it. 

positive outdoor space

Ultimately, the existing museums were placed in the usable space of the Museumpark. The Collectiegebouw has been turned upside down and put back halfway in the ground, to break open the positive outdoor space of the square. Subsequently, a design for the surrounding park is made, based on a flowing route through the park. All this together creates a monumental appearance because of the location next to a large square: the Museumplein of Rotterdam.

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The 2nd of november 2017 was a day to remember. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Kunsthal, its architect Rem Koolhaas was invited to provide a masterclass exclusively for students. The masterclass kicked off with the conversation between Véronique Patteeuw and Rem Koolhaas about the building. Afterwards, in conversations with students and public, Koolhaas gave feedback to the projects created by the students from TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and WdKA.

I was invited to represent the Willem de Kooning Academy with my project about the Museumpark in Rotterdam. The chance to meet Rem Koolhaas and get his opinion on my work is an extraordinary opportunity, so I didn’t hesitate to prepare my presentation to the smallest detail. Good preparation IS key to a successful presentation.

Rem Koolhaas started his comment with: “There is an English word, mind-experiment, which is simply saying: this is not realistic but I am going to experiment anyway, and you did that and it was very admirable and refreshing”. This insight made me more confident about my work and the work I aspire to do in the future.

We later shook hands and thanked each other.